In collaboration with Event FX

I was approached by Event FX to create a burning rock which would need to smash on impact during the opening ceremony for the first European Games in Baku 2015. 

Event FX acted as the main client sourcing me to provide the specialist prop making. They conducted initial testing and designed the fuelling system. They also devised a fantastic method of lighting the rock in order for it to continue to burn for the duration of the segment. 

It was a challenging project which needed to deliver in front of a stadium audience and live, worldwide TV broadcast. We had to perform numerous tests and work together to ensure that the breakaway and burning aspects performed to specification. To ensure consistency, a vast number of test rocks in the UK were produced, over a period of three months, to perfect the ultimate design and breakaway consistency. 


Once the final rock was approved I travelled to Baku for 3 weeks and created over 60 rocks for rehearsals and the final ceremony. This was a resounding success and the burning rock played an integral part in the ignition of the ‘ring of fire’. This was an amazing climax to the opening ceremony as shown in the photographs below.


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