Freelance Model Maker/Restoration & Conserving puppets - Buckinghamshire Studio


Nov 2014 - To Date 


I work as both a freelancer at various studios and from my own Buckinghamshire workshop where I work on a range of commission based model making, restoration and sculpting projects.

Spitting Image (TV Series) - Avalon - Puppet Fitter & Art Finisher

Seaming foam latex puppets, fitting up puppets, assisting with eye mechanisms fitting, seaming and painting silicone arms. 

Kung Fury (Film) - Millennium FX - Art Finisher 

Coldplay Music Video - Millennium FX - Art Finisher

Seaming & Art finishing for film - unreleased

Re-colouring Gorilla Suit for hire - Millennium - Art Finisher

Seed Music Video - Millennium FX - Art Finisher

Neil Gorton Studio - School Assistant 1 Week

Dr Who (TV Series) - Millennium FX - Art Finishing

Seaming & Painting repair on baby for hire - Millennium - Art Finisher

Fabricating harness for film - unreleased

Witcher (TV Series) - Millennium FX - Art Finisher

Krypton (TV Series) - Millennium FX - Art Finisher

Private Sculpture Exhibition work - New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham 

Curfew (TV Series) - Millennium FX - Assistant Fabricator

Private sculpture work for selling event

Moz John Lewis Advert - Assistant Fabricator

Paypal Advert - Millennium FX - Art Finisher

Red Dwarf (TV Series) - Millennium FX - Assistant Fabricator

Class (TV Series) - Millennium FX - Assistant Fabricator

Zapped (TV Series) - Millennium FX - Sculptor/Model Maker

Worst Witch (TV Series) - Millennium FX - Sculptor

B & Q Advert - Millennium FX - Sculptor, Mould Maker, Art Finisher

Private Moulding & Casting Job 

Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - David Baddiel 


Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - Margaret Thatcher


Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - Stephen Fry 

Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - Margaret Thatcher

Truckers Stop Motion Animation Puppet Restoration - Private Job 

Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - John Major

Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - Margaret Thatcher

Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - Ronald Reagan

Mento's Ementicons - Private Job with Rachel Gannon - Sculptor, Art Finisher, Fabricator

Event FX / European Games Opening Ceremony Baku 2015 - SFX Prop Maker 

Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - Michael Buerk

Private Sculpture Commission - Jasper Dog

Spitting Image Restoration - Private Job - Sir John Gielgud 

Professional Experience



Art Finishing

Prop making

Life casting
Model Making
Mould Making

Mask Making

Puppet Making & Restoration

Wax finishing

Bronze finishing

MIG Welding


Break away props. 



QEST Scholarship / Freelance Studio Assistant to Sculptor Andrew Sinclair


2013 - Nov 2014


In March 2013 I was honoured to be granted a QEST scholarship fund to support advanced sculpting training with the renowned sculptor Andrew Sinclair.  Once my scholarship was completed I would assist both Andrew and Diane with the teaching and support on their courses. 


Alongside my training I consequently began working for Andrew as an assistant in his studio undertaking various tasks to support him making sculptures for private and public commissions. I also assisted his partner Diane with the administration and marketing for 'The Sculpture School' along with preparation, advertising and installation for 'The Great British Sculpture Show' which was held at Hatfield House in 2014. 

Freelance Model Maker - Crawley Creatures, Buckingham
2010 - 2012

Gondwana Museum, Germany
Part of small team making 30 + animal models for museum in Germany.
Duties included Painting, Art Finishing, Mould Making, Model Making, Sculpting and Puppet Fabrication.

Oxford Museum
Work on an old exhibit. Repairing the latex foam puppet skin for an animatronic baby dinosaur. Re-painting.
BBC 2 ‘Prehistoric Autopsy’ with Dr Alice Roberts
Part of small team making 3 models and skeletons for BBC television programme. Duties included mould making, model making, painting bones, seaming silicon.

London Fashion Week
Mould making, painting, flocking and finishing prosthetics for London Fashion Week.

Attica Park, Athens
Part of a small team making 40 animal models for a new museum in Athens.
Main responsibilities including: Mould making, casting and finishing life-size fibreglass dinosaurs; seaming, texturing; casting and fitting  teeth and claws, painting and fabrication. Assembling life size polystyrene dinosaurs, finishing, texturing and carving polystyrene.
Seaming and painting foam latex.
Repair ‘Primeval’ Puppet for Display
Repairing and painting foam latex skin for animatronic puppet ‘Rex’ from first series of  Primeval.

Freelance Sculptor / Model Maker / Fabricator - Artem, London

Mould making, casting, model making, costume and fabrication work on several projects.

Birth the Movie – Part of a small team constructing giant reproductive organs.
X-men Movie – Mould making, prop making.
Swamp man costume– Part of team fabricating a costume for a TV advert. Sculpting and fabrication.
Foam latex puppets for tv advert– Building armatures, mould making and coring. Assisting with foam latex, casting silicon, seaming  latex and silicon, assembling puppets.
Halo reach armoured suits– Life casting, armature building, sculpting, mould making and coring, making fibreglass armour pieces, pouring  and injecting  rubber, fabrication, dressing and fitting on set and location.
Specsavers advert – Mould making and casting fibreglass panels.
RA 1 Bollywood Film – Moulding making and casting in J-foam, various breakaway components for high speed stunt.

​2001 –  2009  


University Of Hertfordshire
​Sept 2008 -  May 2010​

BA (hons) Character Creation and Technical Effects - Awarded 1:1 (Joined 2nd year)
Norwich Puppet Theatre
Sept 2007– July 2008
(Evening Course) City & Guilds – Design for Craft: Puppet Making

Norwich City College
Feb - April 2002     (Evening Course) City & Guilds - MIG Welding

​Loughborough University
Sept 2000 – May 2001    BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art & Design - Awarded Merit



2010 - present

2010 - present