This is an original Bob Geldof Spitting Image puppet bought to me by a private collector for restoration and conservation.

Bob's obvious signs of deterioration were mainly around his eyes, nose and ears with some other spots on his face and neck. He had more significant deterioration on the inside. His wig was very heavy, which when stood upright caused pressure on his the weaker areas of his foam neck. As with all foam latex puppets and creature suits they are prone to distortion from being compressed in to boxes when they are flexible and then over a period of time adopting that shape.It is the nature of filming that it is often very hectic on set and these pieces are being handled and set down numerous times in various positions. A popular puppet can be used for several episodes which can lead to more deterioration. 

As with all of the puppets my first task was to stabilise any loose material before beginning work.  I then worked on supporting the areas which were under strain, in this case his neck, in particular reinforcing inside the piece at the point of stress. I made him a bespoke former stand which was shaped to the inside of the neck and head.

 I then restored the head to be sympathetic to its authentic condition, maintaining the original features and paint work and ageing the restored areas appropriately.  

  • Stabilised all of the delicate areas of the deterioration, eyes, nose, ears, various areas on the face .

  • Stabilised the decaying foam on the bottom of the neck and internally.

  • Built a bespoke former for the inside of the puppet head for support. Created support for very heavy wig.

  • Rebuilt and reinforced his neck both externally and internally, injecting inch by inch to bind deteriorating material.

  • Stabilised and re-sculpted his name created by the original sculptor.

  • Fixed any fine cracks on his face and tested material below to ensure it was in tact. 

  • Injected areas in his head to bind deteriorating material.

  • Colour matched and repainted the areas restored.