Due for release. Full Credits Coming Soon.

Roger Law - Creator, Scott Brooker - Art Director, Lotte Collett - Head of Puppet Workshop, Sculptors Jethro Crabb, Stephen Mansfield, Christy Matta. Grace McComisky - Head Painter, Jonathan Saville - Puppet Builder, Helly McGrother - Costume Designer/Maker, Michael Fowkes - Art Finisher & Puppet Fitter, Helena Curry - Art Finisher & Puppet Fitter, Emily Brooks - Puppet Co-ordinator & Costume, Libby - Art Finisher, Jun Matsuura-Bernardinis - Art Finisher, Gayle Cooper - Art Finisher, Darren Robinson - Moulding & Foaming, Noel Kellett - Moulding, Jody Stanton - Moulding

Art finisher - seaming foam latex heads. Seaming and painting a selection of silicon arms.

Puppet Fitter - assistant to Scott Brooker fitting a selection of eye mechanisms and fitting up heads.

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